Thursday, August 16, 2007

New World Order

When President Bush started talking about the “new world order,” I began to wonder; “Why wasn’t I asked?” Then the same person started talking about spreading democracy around the world, it was then that I realized that the American people had been hood-winked by the government into believing that America was a democracy.

Let me make this perfectly clear. The United States was never established to be a Democracy. There are certain democratic principles involved in some elections and in the “Robert’s rules of order” used to conduct government meetings, but the United States of America was established as a Constitutional Republic, never a Democracy.

A Constitutional Republic means “rule by law.” A Democracy means “rule by the majority.” Through the years, your government has been teaching your children that the United States was really meant to be a Democracy. This allows the government to control you by manipulating majority opinion. The government does this by controlling the schools and manipulating the press. Because of the American government's control of information through the schools and the press, many young Americans have a childlike belief in the goodness of America's leaders.

Be warned that from a lie to the right and a lie to the left, one cannot find truth in the middle ground. Only by studying the history of America and other countries can one start to understand our heritage and the principles upon which America was founded. This history is being rewritten and merged into a government approved propaganda called "social studies."

The government also puts down much dissent by declaring that anybody who writes things like I am writing here is a confirmed maniac.

Since the infamous 9-11 attack, the United States Government has systematically and continuously removed many freedoms that are the birthrights of all American Citizens. It has done this by establishing unconstitutional reforms and new Cabinet level positions that remove, revoke, and sometimes just ignore individual rights that are supposed to have been protected by the Constitution. The President has even been conducting war without the congressional declaration of war required by the Constitution.

In a Constitutional Republic, the rules of conduct do not change when the Republic is attacked, either from within or from without. Instead, in addition to the immediate responses provided by its Constitution, it may be necessary to create new laws as new threats become visible. Nevertheless, these new laws must correspond to the meaning and intent of the protections afforded by the Constitution and its amendments. When the attacks of 9-11 first occurred, it became obvious that the Government of the United States had failed in its very first responsibility, that of providing for the common defense. Given this, the United States government turned around and started revoking civil rights rather than doing its job.

The United States government has done many things of which the common citizen is unaware. For instance, the government has taken civil airspace. The airspace is closed within about 70 miles everywhere the President happens to be during his numerous campaign trips. That’s a circle of about 15,000 square miles that the President now thinks he owns everywhere he goes.

The government now plans to shoot down aircraft to “protect” buildings. Think about this. If another attack like 9-11 occurs, the government will shoot the civil airliner out of the sky, killing everybody on board, to “protect” some building that can be rebuilt. The government has decided that people, mere citizens, are expendable while buildings are not. This is positively insane but the government continues to teach you that this is a reasonable thing to do! The government purveyors of death declare that the people are dead anyway. Really? People are never dead until their last breath has been taken. That’s a very ancient rule of common law. But the United States government has been preparing you for the day it will take the lives of a few hundred people to protect the White House. Incidentally, the White House was burned, almost to the ground by the British, in August of 1814. It was rebuilt. People killed, are dead forever.

But this is not really about protecting government assets. This is about exercising unrestrained power. Governments, that are not constrained, tend to increase in their size, complexity, and control over their people. This is a fact shown by history, the kinds of history no longer taught in our government-controlled schools. Furthermore, those government assets are not government assets at all. They are your assets that the government has taken from you. You own the Washington Monument. You own the White House. You own the buildings from which you are now barred.

It is now time. The citizens of the United States of America must now take back the country that has been stolen from them by the United States government. We must first try to do this by obviously-legal means because the government will use all means possible to prevent us from removing or even controlling the currently unrestrained power being exercised by the government. But was must not back off from our responsibility of protecting our birthright. We must inform the current controllers of governmental power, in particular the President and his Cabinet, that the Armed Forces of the United States have taken an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. If to do that, requires force of arms, then so be it. The President is not a king. He must not be allowed to establish a kingdom and, in particular, a “New World Order.”

We must require that our Congress revoke the unconstitutional powers that the President now claims, in particular the power to conduct war. We must require that the Congress restore all the freedoms that existed before 9-11 at least to the state at which they previously existed. This means that you should no longer be searched before entering a public building or an airplane, you don’t require a national ID card, and the right of due-process must be restored. If the Congress refuses, we have the power to shut them down. If the President refuses, the Congress has the power to impeach. If everybody refuses to perform their sworn constitutionally mandated duty, then the Armed Forces of the United States can be asked to do their duty to protect the Constitution.

If they refuse, we have guns.

The government knows this. This is why there is a continual barrage from the government controlled and manipulated press to remove guns from the general population. The government manipulated press keeps emphasizing that I should not be allowed to exercise deadly force to control my destiny and that “the people” have declared that we now live in such civilized times that the government can protect us from harm. Presumably “the people” were polled in some kind of “democratic” affair that lets them revoke my individual rights for the “betterment of the whole.” This is what Hitler did when he came to power. It is not the robber across town of which we should be afraid. It’s not the murderer in the next county. It is our government that we must keep at bay. It is only by maintaining the respect of government, by threatening the use of deadly force against it, that the government can be relied upon to provide the basic services that one requires of a government, one basic service being to provide for the common defense.

People who have no contact with the government tend to feel that if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear. People generally judge governments as they judge themselves and their neighbors. They believe in the inherent goodness of mankind and expect that a government can be relied upon to conduct itself in a lawful manner. The problem is that the government is like fire. It’s a good servant, but a horrible master. You can’t just turn it loose. It will kill you if you do. It needs to be contained, watched, and controlled. It is only then that one can safely use the power of the government.

Freedom is not lost when the storm troopers come to take you away. Freedom is lost in little bits, each so inconsequential that they tend to be ignored.

Read about my interface with the government as a naive youngster when the government took my High School Science Fair project away. No, I was not making a nuclear bomb, only a gyroscope. It's in my book, Abominable Firebug,

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